I bought 2 Pylontech batteries to replace my lead acid battery pack that was failing.

It’s night and day in terms of discharge capacity and durability.

My inverter doesn’t know these batteries, it doesn’t have an intelligent link with them to be able to discuss their state and thus manage them as well as possible like other inverters a little more expensive do.

So, I tried to do it, I connected the serial output “Console” to a USB port of my Pi.


I had to build a cable and learn to talk to the Pylontech BMS (Battery Management System). This is now done.

I will now study the behavior of my inverter-battery pair to see how to dynamically adapt the parameters of the inverter according to the values of the batteries.

In particular the SOC (State Of Charge) indicator of the batteries. This tells us what is the real remaining capacity in the batteries and not an estimate.

So I could play on the parameters 01 – 12 – 13 – 27 – 29 in an automatic way and I wish it the most efficient. Here is a graph that now allows us to understand how these batteries behave:

And here is the information and battery management page.

In addition, all important data is accessible from outside the software via an MQTT broker for integration into existing home automation systems.

Just go to the forum to see the whole process and find more details and information!

And also you can see my video here