Do you have a hybrid inverter such as Superwatt, WKS, Voltronic ? 5KW or 3,2KW, in 24 or 48 Volts ?

And you want to see and modify the values remotely from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone ?


This software is for you!

Indeed, with this one you can display professional graphs of the various live values of your hybrid inverter.

But that’s not all, you can also act remotely on its parameters!  (look here)

You will be able to optimize your solar installation with full knowledge.

The characteristics of the software are (among others) these:

  • All data is stored in a database, so fine analysis can be easily performed.
  • Professional graphs can be generated on demand.
  • Alarms on various values can be set up.
  • MQTT ! Raw data can be easily retrieved via MQTT through an included Mosquitto server!
  • The software runs on Rapsberry Pi type computers, so less than 2W!

Third party software used is :