My name is Jean-Luc Martinelli, I created this software to manage my hybrid inverter Superwatt purchased from Allo!solar in 2020.

This one manages 12 solar panels of 330 watts, and my Pylontech batteries purchased in 2022 from La Boutique du Photovoltaïque

I spent almost 1 year to :

  1. Understanding how the inverter talks on its RS232 output port
  2. Create this software with the help of Nodered, Grafana, Influxdb, Mosquitto and Linux

I especially thank the Nodered forum and the people who make it live. This software is a real pleasure to use. With it, everything is possible.

Not wanting to keep this software for myself, I decided to make it available so that others can use it to optimize their solar installation

You can reach me on this mail: