It’s about time! 😱

The last video is one year old. It has 3500 views on Youtube. To manage a low cost inverter, it seems to me that it is a nice surprise.

But there were so many new features that I had to make a new one. Here it is below, fresh from the oven.

What’s new?

I can’t even remember what they are anymore.

In no particular order:


  • Project to determine the potential production with Michel. The small solar panel which debits in a resistance and of which one comes to take the tension at the terminals. This gives a good information on the sunshine.
  • Connection to a Growatt inverter which does not talk like our hybrids, it uses Modbus and can natively manage Pylontech batteries
  • Connection to Pylontech batteries. It is now necessary to make an automatism to adjust the inverter according to the real state of the batteries and not as it tries to do it “badly” in native mode
  • Integration of a Zigbee gateway, this one allows for example to control the parameter 01 with a 4 channels switch.
  • Integration of an FTP server to save the database in a simple way (yes I haven’t talked about it yet 😉)
  • Addition of a diagram that allows you to see at a glance if you are in autonomous or EDF mode in the last few hours
  • Visualization of the kWh produced and consumed
  • The weather that has been redesigned (hopefully for the better)
  • Addition of a system part and “Debugging” for assistance and analysis
  • I’ll stop here, it’s exhausting 🤪

Here is the new video: