Zigbee integrated in smartphoton version 3

Here we are, version 3 is coming.

The main new feature is:

To be able to remotely control via a 4 way switch the parameter 01.

Namely to switch it to UTI / SOL / SBU mode

For this I integrated a Zigbee gateway in smartphoton.
Yes, that’s it, the home automation naturally integrates the inverter management software. It is an obvious marriage.

Jean was the first to test this solution, he often asked me for this feature. I hope he will be happy with it.

You can watch below this article which demonstrates the usefulness of this feature

Demo modification of parameters via 4-way wireless switchDémo modification de paramètres via interrupteur sans fil 4 voies

I used the wonderful software of zigbee2MQTT. Thanks to them for providing us with this kind of software!

In concrete terms, this is what will be required:

• 1 Zigbee switch of this type

• A Zigbee gateway to plug into the Raspberry

And that’s it!

In the software you can start and manage your Zigbee network via a dedicated page

7 Replies to “Zigbee integrated in smartphoton version 3”

  1. *** Attention !!!!
    Il se confirme que si vous avez déjà une box – passerelle Zigbee en fonctionnement chez vous, les deux ne vont pas pouvoir fonctionner ensemble.
    Dans l’état actuel de mes connaissances, un seul coordinateur zigbee n’est possible. Peut être y a t il un moyen d’en avoir 2 en parallèle ?!
    Moi je ne sais pas.
    J’attends vos remarques.

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